About us

Hi there!!  I'm Melissa, founder and owner of Blue Moon Bakery!   We're a dedicated gluten free bakery in Hillsboro Oregon.  I started the bakery way back in 2008 out of my tiny, certified, home kitchen - making treats to sell at the farmers markets. 

Over the past 15+ years I've learned baking, business, all thing gluten free and I've meet so many amazing people along the way.  I've gone from a solopreneur to a leader of a small might dedicated team.  (I currently have a team of 10 awesome people)!

We've been a dedicated gluten free bakery for over a decade.  We know how tricky gluten free baking can be, we understand the challenges it brings.  

Being gluten free can make you feel left out and frustrated at times.  Treats should bring joy.  Food with friends and family should bring you together not drama or worry.  

We want to make gf baking easier, that's why we created our gluten free baking mixes - so baking at home can be easier...a little less of a guessing game.  And of course, super yummy.  We want you to feel like you're not missing out on everyday treats - everyday baking.

Baking should be fun! I hope you enjoy our mixes and treats as much as I do.

Recently we've added a few of our cookies to our shipping menu - because sometime we just want to eat a cookies and not make it.  :)

If you have questions (specially baking ones) or comments feel free to shoot us an email - we're happy to help!

Happy Baking 

Melissa :)

Melissa Brue
Blue Moon Bakery